Basic information about the SMM token

Basic information about the SMM token

$SMM is a popular utility token with a huge user base that powers the social media marketing ecosystem.

In addition to being able to trade the SMM token, you can also take advantage of the many additional benefits that it provides.

Is it possible to simplify promotion in social networks by automating some processes. Thanks to the new system, in a couple of clicks, the user can set up promotion automatically through partner sites, including through SMOSERVICE.

Until now, social media promotion has been associated with known risks and inconveniences for customers. The client could not see and know exactly what needs to be done to achieve the maximum result in the field of social media promotion.

Everscale (EVER)


Bounceable base64 (EVER)


Bounceable base64url (EVER)


Non-bounceable base64 (EVER)


Bounceable base64 (EVER)


Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and Ethereum (ERC20):


SMM is something like an obligation to provide services to the owners of issued coins. But these are not just standard social media promotion services. It’s so much more!



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SMOSERVICE — social media promotion system using a neural network. Blockchain token of the SMM project (social media marketing).